Prolific over Perfect..!

Some may say a little bit controversial, but hey… it’s who we are that matters and calling out what is being spouted out there that simply isn’t true!

Are you seeing social media experts teaching courses on how to lay out the ‘perfect Instagram’ post? Products advertising the perfect lighting ring this, USB mic that. Or even Paid Ads funnel guys telling you that paid is the way to go… yet underneath, like a swan panicking like mad that their advice may be outdated.

Let’s dispel a few myths and encourage some debate perhaps.

Firstly… If you want your social to take off, here is the first real truth! Across all social platforms, the single most important unbreakable algorithm is ‘engagement’.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked-in all want YOU to create content that other people respond to. See they have created the media platform, yet YOU, US, WE create the media that goes on there. If our media is good and it resonates with other human beings then they can like, comment and share across pretty much all the platforms. Engagement is THE currency of social media.

To give you an idea of the depth of this. In a past life, I used to train people in hostage situations. We combined theory and practical, where we would teach the principles of hostage situations, negotiations, currency and behaviours…at the end of the theory, we would then put that into practice, by pushing people outside of their comfort zones and they would walk into a staged ‘hostage situation’. They had no idea this was going to happen. They had to, while under pressure, stop, reflect, recall and implement what they had learned over the theory and begin applying it.

In a hostage situation, a drink is currency, a cigarette, food, heat, power and in today’s world WIFI! The point I am making is when you understand that a simple everyday thing like a cup of tea, that we can at free will have whenever we want. When that freedom is taken away, then that brew becomes currency. An individual put ‘high yield’ to that thing whatever that thing may be.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, to us their platform is a currency. It enables us to communicate with friends, find out who’s having a baby, connect with old school friends, network online, build relationships, establish trust, build our own marketing, build our own shopfront, so to us, that is a currency in our lives and business. A trade-off is they want our media. They want and NEED you posting content (media). That is the currency that we offer them., so you see it is a symbiotic relationship. Social platforms combined give us access to billions of monthly active users and if you post content that others like, then they engage with your content because it resonates with them.

That is the same if you post that content on your personal profile, on your business page (or as they were once called Fan Pages) or in a group. And yes before the so called ‘social media gurus’ come on quoting x% see this, and since propaganda, sorry panda update that the %  reach has decreased by a gazillion percent that is all true…but what is the fundamental truth as I started this point is that ‘engagement is the key currency’ quite simply put, the more you post content that is engaging and getting responses (likes, comments & shares) the more the all of the platforms will push that media in front of people for you – it’s called organic!

Secondly and this is a bigger pill to swallow…one that actually may be better inserting rather than swallowing!

There are no magic beans for any of this! No secret sauce! No do this and you will get 10,000 followers. Think about it for a minute, even if there was, why would you want that?

Let me ask you this…for your business, would you rather have:

  1. A list of 30,000 people that are generally not interested in your product or service
  2. A list of 300 that you have nurtured and understand who you are, what you do, why they should by from you than your competitors?

It’s that simple! How many small businesses do you know that have more then 300 customers? I don’t mean 300 shoppers (the distinction between someone who purchases once = shopper & someone who buys again and again = customer).

The only option therefore is to become prolific in your social media and not perfect. Waiting for the something to be perfect is kind of like ‘middle class paralysis’ and I know you’re better than that, we’re better than that! You want to be noticed and recognised in your industry, in your field? You want to be the go-to person or brand that people think of when they think of your thing…you got tape up, roll with the punches and grind hard. Work hard, before you can work smart. Don’t take our word for it, look at Gary V, Brendon Buchard, Tai Lopez….prolific not perfect!

However, one element to add into this, before you throw the dummy out, hoping this is a light at the end of the tunnel read, in today’s age of technology, with gazillions of incredibly useful information already produced and available at our fingertips via our smartphones, we can tap directly into people and resources that are already doing brilliantly in their field. It’s a simple principle of ‘success leaves clues’. If you want the success that others have achieved, then you can study, emulate and replicate faster, smarter and with less effort with a bit of planning, strategy and focus on the outcomes you desire.

Clear goals.

Clear plan.

Clear strategy leads to clearer thinking, clearer decisions and clearer outcomes.

What can you do today to start becoming prolific? How do you begin producing enough content to become prolific and to know what works for your audience and what doesn’t?

The choice is simple, go it alone or invest with a team who are doing this for other people already. A team that looks at the entire marketing mix with you, and build with you, the business that you have always wanted, the business you deserve.

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