Launch a business in Lockdown …

Well that’s an interesting proposition, some people might think it is a strange thought and to perhaps wait to see what happens, is there going to be a recession, what does the end of the tunnel look like. However, without actually knowing the answers to all of the above you just have to go for it and that’s what we have decided to do. Off the back of those thoughts, we had been planning for a few months and building the momentum behind the scenes anyway before Covid hit us as a nation. Lucky for us though we want to launch a social media content creation agency and as this is a top conversation with businesses and we’re quite used to working remotely, using different platforms to communicate with clients and in general not always being in the same room as each other, if ever, the current situation has not discouraged us at all. So, with the logistics not holding us back and our industry being pushed to the forefront even more so right now, it’s perhaps the best time to launch our new business.

Further into the daily life of home working and even more behind the scenes…….

I’m sitting on the sofa right now typing away whilst one daughter isn’t feeling very well, curled up under a blanket, with the dog next to her and the other daughter leaning over the top of my laptop with a Micro Machines battle ship she wants to show me. Although I am very used to working from home and working remotely… juggling the attention I need to give my children (4 year old twins) and launching a new business is the ultimate challenge I face daily, but I always think even though everything is relative to each of our lives, I am not the only one doing this and we all wade through the days in different ways.

I have one strong belief in my life and that is, that I can do everything and why shouldn’t I. Now that does come with its pros and cons which is another topic of conversation as I love a pros and cons list, but ultimately if there is something that I’d like to do then we figure out how to make it happen. This works both ways for my husband also. It’s never really a ‘no’, just an ‘ok, how can we make it work?’.

So yes, I do want to be an ace mum forever and a day and I also want to be an ace business chieftain. It’s just finding that new balance and to never stop learning new ways of doing things. Oh that’s another topic right there, never stop learning.

Back to this topic in hand, launching a new business in lockdown. Well just launching a new business is really the topic and how I got to a place in my life to really think this was the next step. I was craving more and felt like I have a business in me. I do come up with a lot of ideas for businesses and perhaps some of those may come to light but for now my focus is on SkineeRino.

My career background has been agency life. I started at the bottom and climbed the career ladder as they say. In fact, I still make the teas and coffees…that’s my ‘hosting’ personality that shines through. I feel like I’ve been brought up in agencies, some good, some great and some that didn’t work out for me and now I 100% know that this is ok. We are individuals and not every company or agency is right for us and to stare the truth in the face, you may not be right for them, this is all ok by the way. But me being me, tried so darn hard to make it work and at times it made me super unhappy but I was doing great work and flying at the agency. So right there is that balance to be true to yourself and your career success. I’m a very proud person and if I fail it does hit me hard, but I never give up and always find a way to move forward onto the next chapter and next challenge, always learning from the past. I’ve also had some super happy times that I often think back to and the people that I’ve met along the way and this always pushes me in a good direction.

On that note, I met my business partner Adam in a very positive, motivational situation. I had seen and heard along the grapevine of some free social media training being put on at some local venues and knowing that I wanted to be in this sector even more than I was in previous roles I thought I’d go scoop out what others were up to – basically being a bit nosey. Also, I’d like to add that a big part of this training was to raise money for Soo-B-Doo Neonatal care which is a charity supporting the neonatal care at Glos Royal Hospital – close to my heart as my girls were in that unit.

So, after the training, which was very useful and taught me a few things I hadn’t realised, I chatted to Adam after and that is the moment when I knew we would be making SkineeRino our journey together. Several coffee’s and lunches later thrashing out ideas, some great, some good, some that we probably didn’t finish talking about and then some completely left-wing conversations that should have been recorded…we knew that SkineeRino had started its tribe with two Chiefs.

In the depths of planning and creating our own content ready for launch, Covid hit us. Honestly speaking it has slowed us up a bit just with the juggling of everything and this is ok. If you’re thinking that you need to keep up the same momentum in a time like this, be kind to yourself and celebrate any win you have, a family win or a business win. So, we are ploughing on and working towards the SkineeRino launch.