SkineeRino…Can we really do this?

Well the simple and possibly construed as flippant answer would be yes! The more considered answer, with countless years in business from telecoms & tech, to training & coaching, two charities launched one failed, one successful and an insatiable appetite to see people succeeding and performing better in life and business, then definitely; YES!

In terms of my belief that when it comes to marketing and the need for businesses to be prolific across their social and web presence, together with offline, then we absolutely have to, as ‘no-one’ is doing what we are doing. Not to the level, the quality, the value, the output, the results and the affordability…nowhere near!

Mid May 2020, who could have predicted this…at the turn of the December into January, social feeds were full with ‘New Year, New Me!’ and ‘New Year, New Decade’ even ‘2020 will be my year’ or ‘2019 can do one, bring on 2020, my time to shine’.

We find ourselves in the biggest international shut down in the history of mankind! Consider it for a moment, almost all flights internationally – grounded! Crude oil almost totally worthless – the power behind economic and industrial revolutions in our history, now almost being given away, or even struggling to give it away. A true story of supply and demand crippled in weeks!

And yet…amidst all this confusion, fear and lack of clarity…little acorns are sprouting. Some of which will only serve during this pandemic and then the acorn that blew to a mighty oak in no time at all, will blow away in the wind as supply & demand changes again. Other acorns will begin to spread their shoots upwards towards the sky, while at the same time digging its roots deeper and deeper.

Our roots began back in 2017 when a conversation with my digital dynamo in my other business Sales Academy; “I want to get to a point where my social media is pumping without me!” Considering a lot of what we teach and coach in that business is how to get your business working without you, this HAD to apply to marketing too, surely it could be possible!?

Fast forward to 2019 after tears, tantrums, computer failures, software failures, platform testing from £30 per month to £3,500 agency software and finding all of them missing massive gaping holes in the marketing mix. We tried everything from free to Ferrari in terms of the kit out there. We worked with designers, social media experts (oh my god that term pisses me off, and they don’t exist!) and we reached massive breakthroughs and conclusions of what is missing and how to make it work.  My marketing for Sales Academy is now 95% automated, on point, on brand, engaging, customer converting powerhouse! It works brilliantly at attracting the right customers and repelling the wrong ones!

(if you don’t know what I mean by that, then you haven’t learnt the lesson yet of bringing on the wrong kind of customers!).

We took 5 customers through BETA testing with us and we were amazed by the results that they began to get but also the shifts in them and their business. Clarity on who they are and what they do. Consistency in their tone of voice, brand, design and both online and offline marketing that they thought was only available to the big guys with huge budgets! We stamped all over the myth and #skineerino was beginning to build its crash! (a collective term for Rhinos)

And then the wheels changed…people involved moved on, as with projects this happens. Change was needed, and life abhors a vacuum – as is the way, that space created an opportunity. Boots to be filled and pretty ace boots they were…so no pressure!

A random evening in Gloucester, with a range of people interested a ‘Master Your Social Media’ workshop…some minds totally blown, some minds looking like they didn’t want to admit, they only rocked up for the pizza next door but were in the wrong room! And one smiling, eyes wide open, excited expression throughout…. for the older readers, when Johnny 5 in ‘Short Circuit’ gets given data, he wants more…. that! That was the look I saw. And SkineeRino was back on track!

Charlie was buzzing and full of ideas, enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference in this industry. With a pedigree of industry experience behind her and a masterful grasp on the project management, customer centred delivery side of digital marketing…it was a no brainer…several lunches and coffees later we were fully immersed and pushing for launch.

But no one can remain unaffected by what’s happened. What a time to be alive! Everyone has had to go online faster and more than ever – a true pivot! We have had the capacity to do this for almost 15 years, but never really grasped true mobilisation of workforces and technology…covid has done for business in 8 weeks, what business hasn’t been able to do for itself in over a decade! Just like Elon Musk, shifting Space Travel up a number of levels and achieve in 2 years what NASA couldn’t in over 50…the energy, the hunger, the desire, the vision for space travel is here!

As is the attitude, appetite and absolute need to be found online, to be understood online and to be buying online!

Serving our customers in business has never been easier, we don’t need premises, we don’t need huge workforce, we don’t need fixed hours or locations, we need people with desire to grow…a mac and a decent broadband connection…. the rest is down to you!

So before I go and prepare another BBQ for my children during lockdown, having spent half of this morning in one business training people online, the other half of the morning, content creating in SkineeRino, completely dispersed with parenting from home, working from home, schooling from home, chef, counsellor, fun factory and disciplinarian to Minecraft support and Xbox legend (others may disagree!) I have one thing to ask you:

When will NOW be the right time for you to grasp hold of what you want and truly make it happen?

The rest, the Rino’s have got your back!