Be More Bee!

Having something that looks beautiful but that does very little is as useful as indicators on a submarine!

And nature has a fine example of this…Penstemons!

LOOK…they are stunning, I am sure you’d agree! They are vibrant, colourful, they stand tall, they stand out, but, did you know, that bee’s won’t touch them?


Because they don’t convert! Bees are seeking pollen and nectar and bright vibrant flowers are a great indicator that the bee will harvest both from them, however they learned very quickly that when it comes to outcomes…Penstemons, don’t deliver!

That is so on point with so many gorgeous brands that we see that simply don’t deliver. Brilliant, vibrant and beautiful websites that lack content that converts. Epic social media without links in the bio that actually take you where you want to go!

It feels like a cheap firework…all colourful paper and great design…stand out names like ‘ultra-sonic booms’ or ‘Neptune’s fountain’ and yet light them and after a brief initial splurge, they very quickly fizzle out…and as we all know, safety first, if a firework fizzles out, never return to the firework! That can be your branding when the message is missed, the links don’t work, the content is drab or worse still it’s all about YOU and not me (your potential customer)!

Studies have shown, when a bee finds a route that converts, their flight paths can at first, look random. In reality, they are planning and strategizing alternative routes to their brilliant source that they have found, perhaps in an attempt to locate other sources, but it is believed they do this to avoid predators and throw off any competitors for the nectar.

Now consider this…when the bee returns to the hive, they perform a routine to show their fellow bees where the source they have discovered is located. One bee dances and the other bees watch to learn the specific directions to the flower patch. The dancing bees smell of the flower patch and gives the watching bees a taste of the nectar she’s brought back…this is called a ‘Waggle Dance’ and it’s basically a raving fan, raving about what they have found! Who wouldn’t love customers who do ‘Waggle Dances’ about their products and services.

Don’t be like the Penstemons, be more bee…in fact be more Skinee! #bemoreskineerino

Establish your assets (individual webpages, your YouTube channel, your blog, your podcast, your social handles, your products page, your values and your about us page). Each one has an extremely important part to play in the web of your web presence.

Then explore the customer journey from awareness, lead generation to conversion, map it out, test the links to where you want to send them…how are you creating raving fans through the customer journey from getting their attention to making it easy to do business with.

Cracking example – if you use Instagram or platforms that enable you to share your web domain, be more bee by creating a account (free account) and controlling how you display what assets you want your customers to visit.

Want to see how it works? Click our Instagram account and then click the link in our bio…you will see magic right in front of you!